I haven’t felt well lately and today, with the sun shining and the temperature balmy for November, my mom has given me the nudge outside. I’m sitting in the sun on a blanket with my knitting in my lap, soaking in natural vitamin D.

My needles click and the yarn is soft on my fingers. I have my cell phone stuck in my pocket, in case of any texts from some favorite people. It rarely leaves my side these days; I never thought I’d get into texting, but that quickly changed when I discovered how fun it is to receive texts from my man.

I’m rambling, I know.

So, I sit and knit in the sun, and as my needles click and I loop yarn, I find my mind going over prayers. Snatches of Hebrew and English mingled together, and then I fall into praying for the people I love.




One of best parts of my day.