In spite of the fact that I love books and have named my blog ‘between the stacks,’ my job has absolutely nothing to do with books, except some minor book-keeping. I’m an office girl in a small accounts receivable department. I answer phones, do data entry and a myriad of other things.

My boss is an older gentleman who has worked for the company for many years; he’s a great guy, slightly prone to getting lost in his own little world. Yesterday, he stopped by my desk, a pile of papers in one hand and with the other made the pantomiming movement of something opening and closing, like the jaws of a trap.

I looked at him. And then I looked at my desk full of papers and office paraphernalia. Within an instant, I knew exactly what he was looking for: my stapler to borrow. So…I handed him my stress-relieving squishy pineapple.

Do you know those things really do work? My boss laughed and gave the pineapple a few squeezes before requesting, verbally this time, to be lent my stapler.

But he definitely looked a little less stressed when he went back into his cube. Laughter and squishy pineapples, great stress relievers.

A merry heart doth the heart good. So laugh today. Or borrow someone’s squishy pineapple.