There really isn’t anything quite like the fresh, unmarred pages of a journal. I love to look at them, finger the crisp edges and wonder what the next few months will give me to write on them.

And I love even more to flip back through my filled journals and feel the impression of my pen in the page, see the loops and swirls of my penmanship – sometime messy and sleepy, sometimes a little neater.

More than half the time, I wince over what I’ve written, whether it’s because of bluntness or dripping sentimentality, but at other times, I smile.

I laugh and thank God, for it is always wonderful to look back and see what He has done, what He has written in my story so far and what He has planned for the next page.

I can’t wait to see more of what He has in store. 2009 has been marvelous (can you believe it, the end of a decade!) and very full of memories for my journals. I wonder what will fill my journals in 2010. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be exciting!