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As a little kid, I didn’t usually care much for long car rides, particularly long ones that had no destination at the end of them. Occasionally, my parents would load us all up in the car and take us for a drive along some old back roads out in the sticks. We’d drive on for ages – or so it seemed – with us kids looking for cows and horses to keep us from boredom and I’d try desperately to keep from getting carsick.

Since then, I haven’t gone on many road trips that didn’t have a destination. I’ve driven for hours to visit friends and gotten lost in the process, but driving with no plans or place or time to arrive, nope. I have too many siblings to make such trips enjoyable – I needed a vacation from our family vacation this year! – and honestly, what fun are trips like that alone?

Not much fun.

But trips with my favorite guy? Definitely fun. I don’t have to count cows and horses to keep from being bored when I’m with him (smile) and I’ve discovered the magic of minty gum to keep away motion sickness.

I think I like pointless car rides and getting lost out in the middle of nowhere.

And just spending time with him? The best way to end the weekend.