It’s been a week since our last Messiah concert, but I’m still humming the songs. I constantly have snatches of the lyrics looping through my head. This past semester in choir, as hard as it was to practice and in spite of the many rehearsals I missed due to colds, was amazing. Glorious music. Precious words.

I truly love the group of people that make up this community choir. We all have such fun in making beautiful music together and truly, we have one of the best directors ever. The group has a blast learning together and the director challenges us, but in the best possible ways. Learning music together as a choir is a blast when she directs. 🙂

I thought I would be glad for the break between semesters, but I’m already looking forward to picking up again in January. We already have a date for our spring concert (May 16th), and what are we singing? Spirituals, including six arranged by John Rutter.

I can’t wait.