So, a blog that supposedly involves books (what else is between the stacks in a library?), but rarely talks about them.

That will be remedied.

Somewhat. I’m currently working on a few book reviews, which will be posted another day. But for now, I want to talk about books and fans and something that seems to be taking over the young adult genre of the literary world. It’s everywhere you look these days. It comes up during conversation at the dinner with family around the holidays. It’s on TV and in the news. It’s on t-shirts at nearly every teen-bopper store in the mall, and every library has at least one copy of the book. You just can’t escape from it these days.

Yeah. Twilight.

Those silly, sparkling vampires (seriously, SPARKLY?!).

I’m taking the lazy way out and am linking to a fabulous blog post on the first movie. Becca’s thoughts on the first movie are spot on. Plus, I ❤ her sense of humor and style of writing it.

Since both the book series and the movies are so wildly popular at the moment, it was bound to come up in conversation at my family’s house sooner or later. After discussing various aspects of the book, someone said something that started me on a current trail of thought. How many of these screaming fangirls (or Nazgurls, as my sister likes to say), are true fans of these books, and how many of these girls are just fans because it’s the fad to be a fan at the moment?

I’m genuinely curious. I remember becoming a fan of some things as a teen because everyone I knew in the home-school movement was a fan. Some of the things on my list of favorites were there just because everyone else liked them (Elsie Dinsmore is one example that comes to mind, I'm chagrined to admit!). Yes, home-schoolers are not immune to following the herd!

Of course, not many would admit to liking something just because everyone else does. And there's the thing; I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to find out how many people are fans because they genuinely like the series, or just because it's the in thing to like at the moment. Not so long ago, it was Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Now it's vampires. Before we know it, the vampire craze will have blown over and teenage girls will be on to the next big thing.

Hopefully, it's something a lot better than sparkly vampire romances.