Now that I’m dating a fire-fighter, I’m much more apt to notice things, like, you know, fire engines and trucks. Today, while driving to work, I found myself pulling over to let an SUV with flashing lights get past me. Another car in a hurry came flying after him. “Call fire-fighters,” thought I to myself, “Structure fire, maybe?” Sure enough, within half an hour, an engine from a neighboring town came flying around the corner. It has to be a significantly large fire for my town to call in support – not good!

A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought much of it and probably wouldn’t have registered that the engine was from a different town, much less that those two vehicles earlier were on their way to a fire. And I probably wouldn’t have thought about praying for the fire-fighters. But now that I’m a fire-fighter’s girlfriend – yes, I definitely said a few prayers for all who were fighting fires today.