I might as well take down the name ‘between the stacks’ from this blog’s name because, well, these days it feels like I’m stuck more and more between stacks of paperwork than books. Book reviews? HA. Book-related posts – another HA because my brain is seldom more than mush after a long work day. On the plus side, overtime means more money heading towards savings, but on the downside, it leaves me with very few brain cells to actually read anything, plus less write about what I’m reading.

So. You’re going to get a rambling post today about things that are mostly unrelated to books.

After coming home early from work the other day with a sick stomach, I watched the wedding episode of the Duggar Family’s TV show. As my mom commented when I brought it up to the family that evening, yes, I was pretty bored to actually sit down and watch it. Bored and curious. 😉 My mom recently received a copy of the Duggars’ book and after paging through it, my interest was piqued enough to watch the wedding episode.

An hour later, the one overwhelming thought I was left with was…

I am so very, very glad that I am not a Duggar.

(or am marrying into the Duggar family)

Other fairly overwhelming thoughts include: I would never want to kiss my guy for the first time in front of a whole church full of people, Jesus did NOT turn the water into grape juice at the wedding in Cana, Cousin Amy rocks, and goodness, all the little Duggar kids are cute as buttons. This was me with a stomach ache, so the rest of my thoughts were more on the snarky side than anything, so I’ll leave it there. 😉

I’ll also leave my thoughts on The Duggars: 20 and Counting! Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How They Do It for another day – I can’t promise to resist snark for that one, however!