I have problems with my knees that are likely caused/aggravated by the fact that I have flat feet and until recently, didn’t wear the proper support for such over-compensated feet.

And so now life finds me wearing sneakers.

All the time.

In the last month, the only time a person would find me not wearing sneakers once I got up for the day was on Sabbath when in church. Last Sabbath, I wore black flats with inserts to give me more support, but even so my physical therapist – a man – gave me a look for not wearing my sneakers (I remain emphatic in my decision to NOT wear sneakers with a dress to church!), even though the sneakers went right back on after the service.

And so, I’m stuck wearing sneakers on my long, narrow and flat feet all the time.

Comfort before beauty, these days.

It’s still a bit tough when I want to wear my favorite twirly skirt and can’t because it just doesn’t look right with sneakers.

“Hey, you look good in sneakers.”
– My man, via text message.

The funniest thing, however, is…even though I don’t always feel beautiful in sneakers and jeans, my guy thinks I’m beautiful. I can’t always get my mind around it because I can see my imperfections so clearly, but he thinks I’m beautiful. He likes me the way I am, even my sneaker-wearing flat feet.

So, there really isn’t a point to this post, other than to sayI ❤ my guy and am happy to be his girl.

– written July 2009