One of the most certain things about large families is the noise. I’ve grown up in a house that’s a constant cacaphony of noise and the only times to escape it are late at night, when the littlests are in bed and early in the morning when everyone else is asleep. I’m not sure how I’ll ever adjust to a quiet house one day – I’ll probably resort to turning on the radio for company, just because I’m not used to the stillness.

Choir rehearsal was canceled tonight, due to the snow, and I’m home with just about everyone in the family. If we were a story-book family, we’d be all jolly and snug together here at home tonight. We’d be enjoying popcorn (home-made and not microwave, of course) while playing board games or listening to Mom read aloud a favorite book. Or all crowded around the piano singing.

Story-book families don’t exist though and even if they did, my crazy family wouldn’t fit into their mold. Tonight finds a brother sick with the flu and I’m still trying to lose the headache I’ve had off and on for the last two days. Half of us are congregated in the living room, some of us on computers, while the rest are scattered all over the house, trying to quell boredom. And we’re loud, loud, loud tonight. Someone is listening to praise and worship music. Two are fighting over a card game. Another keeps complaining of boredom. And the youngest is reveling in asserting her independence over her bigger siblings – which, they are protesting, of course.

Over-stimulation, indeed.

But…there’s a weird sort of hominess to it all. It’s our home, it’s how our family is. Dad wouldn’t be the dad he is without blaring his music on his laptop. The baby wouldn’t be the baby without being slightly spoiled by her many big brothers and sisters. And we wouldn’t be us without arguing now and then. Noise, yes, that means home. Our family wouldn’t be the same without the noise – even if my introverted self does try to hide from it in her room now and then.

We’re loud and crazy and, well, we’re family.

And now, I’m going to hide in a good book. Ten Circles Upon the Pond arrived today and I’m already engrossed in it. 🙂