I have a problem with the month of March. March hates me and well, I return the sentiment. We don’t get along well. Bad things happen to me in March. I always seem to get sick in March. Bad news at work seems to arrive in March, and the same goes with relationships with friends. Plus, March is just such a fickle month. It’s almost spring, but not quite. The world is thawing out, but we still get a snowstorm or two. Mud, endless mud.

So, okay, I don’t like March. In fact, just thinking about it makes my stomach knot with dread. This year, however, I’m determined to expect better things of March. I’m determined to find the good in March.

With that, I’m beginning plans for Making March Happy. At the expense of sounding like a Pollyanna (especially since I’m much more of an Eeyore than a Glad Game Girl), I’m going to count blessings. For each and every day during the month of March, I’m going to choose one thing that brightened my day or made it happy. And not only am I going to count blessings, but I’m also going to work on finding ways to make March happy for others.

I plan on blogging the journey, so keep an eye out for lots of posts about Making March Happy! Any March-Haters out there that want to join in on the fun? I’m currently working on a list of things to do to brighten the month; if you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment. 🙂 (And no, Dad, no comments about ‘make me coffee’ as an idea for a blessing!)