It’s been a week of crazy, crazy weather here in New England. Monday was balmy, with a tangy hint of spring in the air that made me hope for spring in spite of the forecast for the rest of the week. Tuesday turned chilly and snow was in the air; thankfully, choir rehearsal went on in spite of the snowfall.

And Wednesday? Wednesday was wild – snow, snow, snow! Nestled here in our little valley, we got a mere three to four inches, but on the edges of town and elsewhere, people received the glorious present of at least a foot, if not more, of that white stuff.

Thursday, now that day was interesting. It warmed up overnight and rained, literally POURED buckets, all of Thursday. I walked to work after my lunchbreak and was soaked from the knees down within minutes, in spite of my umbrella and coat.

I also got to use my umbrella on Friday, but this time it was for snow. It snowed fast and furiously, but sporadically throughout the day; an hour’s burst of snow left nearly two inches on my car during my lunchbreak.

And finally, today, the sun is shining. The world is white from snow showers last night, but the sun is bright and the eaves are dripping.

Welcome to New England. They don’t joke when they say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it’ll change.” As winter transitions into spring, the weather is always fickle. March will be interesting – will it go in like a lion or like a lamb?