Long day at work.
Allergies (just call me Sneezy).
Sore knees.
Wishing it were the weekend.
Wishing I lived closer to my man so a trip out to see him in the middle of the week was more feasible.

See? It’s incredibly easy for me to come up with the blue list, rather than a happy one. But…here’s the happy list that I’ve been compiling in my head all day, so maybe it isn’t quite so hard, after all.

– Payday!
– Texts from my favorite fire-fighter.
– decaf French vanilla iced coffee (yum!)
– Reading bits of Queen of Attolia during my lunchbreak.
– Reddish buds poking out on the tree across the street.

And happiness – I have vacation time saved up, enough to enable me to take time off when my brother graduates from Basic training, plus I’m currently able to work overtime, enabling me to put overtime pay towards airfare. So today, I put in a request for the time off. My dad is looking at airline tickets and we’ve already booked a room at the hotel. I’m excited, to say the least. 🙂

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