Waiting isn’t one of my fortes. Oh, I’ve learned patience all right. I’m the girl who sat for nearly two hours in the allergist waiting room on my first appointment without saying a word; I had my book and I was all right. But when it comes to things that I want and I really want now, well…I struggle to enjoy the present rather than always living for the future.

My boyfriend likes to joke about how we need to stop living for the weekends and enjoy the five days in between. We live a distance that is close enough, but just far enough to make seeing each other during the work week difficult; as a result, we tend to see each other only on the weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s wonderful that we live close enough to make seeing other on the weekends so easy; I have friends who had to go for weeks without seeing their significant others while they were dating, due to long-distance relationships. I’m not complaining about that at all. But sometimes the week feels long until seeing each other again.

That’s when I start counting down the days until the weekend.

It’s all well and good to look forward to the weekend. If I didn’t look forward to seeing my man, I would be worried about the state of our relationship! But sometimes when I’m trying to hurry the days and hours ahead, when I’m anxious for things to happen now instead of their own timing, I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy now. I should enjoy choir practice on Tuesday nights and stop wishing we were already past Tuesday and on to Saturday. I should enjoy picking my sister up at the library and browsing through the books, rather than thinking about how I could move on to the next thing on my list.

And then there’s my desire to have March over and done with already, my desire for spring to be here NOW. I want warmer temperatures. I want sunshine. I want to see green in the world again. I want spring jackets and no more winter coats, frothy scarves and pretty spring clothes.

I look ahead and I miss the things of the moment. I can blink and miss my brother singing “The Rainbow Connection” in a Kermit the Frog voice. I might miss opportunities. I might miss blessings. I might miss…who knows what!

So, today I’m living in the moment. I’m learning to like March – or at least trying to – and I’m paying attention to now and all the little, marvelous, wonderful things. That aside, I am glad that it is now the weekend. 😉

Happiness today:
– the street-sweeper taking away the sand on Main street.
– work accomplished!
– singing “The Rainbow Connection” with my siblings.
– making plans to go ice-skating with family and friends tomorrow night (something that can’t be done during the warm weather months!).
– the start of Sabbath.
– my warm hoodie.

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