I’m sitting on the floor in my bedroom, surrounded by the mess that it is, drinking in the sunlight and fresh air from my open window. It’s a balmy 50 degrees here in New England today. Glorious. It’s on days like this that I think all just might be right in my little corner of the world. It’s sabbath morning, I have my journal and my Bible for company and it’s the weekend. Sabbath is a day I look forward to all week, as a day when I can stop, refocus on God and begin again. It’s a fresh start, something I need after a long, crazy week, full of highs and lows.

It’s March, but spring is whispering at my window; it can’t be far away. My brother is far away from home, but, Lord willing, I’ll see him in eight weeks. I’ve messed up this week, but today is new, ready for another beginning. God is close and He is good.

I think that makes March very happy today.

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