I have a bad habit of starting things and not always finishing them…at least, not right away. There’s the cross-stitched bookmark and two different fuzzy-yarned scarves, not to mention dozens of stories and short articles.

And here we go again. I started and did not finish Making March Happy on this blog.

Life, so often, gets in the way. It did this March. It got in the way, it threw me a curve ball and…I didn’t feel like blogging. You know how it’s hard sometimes to find the happiness, much less write about it? I didn’t give up on finding happiness in March (overall, I’d say this March was hard, but better than it has been in a very long time), but I did give up on putting it all into words. To quote Lemony Snicket:


Somtimes they aren’t. And so, I didn’t write and tell you that happiness is delicious warm weather and celebrating a bitter-sweet Pesach twice: once with my family and another with the man I love. I didn’t stop to tell you that happiness is a paycheck at the end of a hard workweek and that even more happiness is seeing the beginning of the end of a stressful situation at work. Or that happiness is finding time to sit in the sun and read in God’s word. Happiness is a phone call from a brother far away. Happiness is people who care.

Happiness is this life of mine. I just can’t always find the words to tell you.