Today I:

– put in 11.5 hours of work today.
– helped sort through 700+ invoices by hand.
– got a million little, random things done at work.
– started several projects, but finished none because of interruptions.
– went to a meeting.
– prayed.
– discovered that the dead mole is missing from my parking spot at work (yes!).
– ate a salad with turkey bacon on top for lunch. And a yogurt. And a handful of almonds. I’m trying to add more protein, but it’s hard when you’re flying out the door late for work and are grabbing stuff out of the fridge!
– read a little of Between Two Worlds by Roxana Saberi.
– ironed my work clothes.
– talked to my guy on the phone (yay!).
– chatted with a dear friend.

One work day down, four more to go before the weekend!