– sparkly blue nail polish on my toes (even if it makes just about every guy I know give me a “look” the says, “You are ridiculous”).

– Cadbury milk chocolate in my desk drawer at work for a mid-afternoon de-stressing snack. Essential for days when you’re still answering phone calls from unhappy customers and you’ve already been at work for eight hours.

– “I love you eighteen” from Jewels. She’s enamored with the number eighteen these days. If you ask her how old she is, she tells you eighteen. If you ask her how much she loves you, if she’s in a very good mood and likes you, she’ll tell you eighteen.

– seeing my man after a long work week and getting a big hug from him. Just being able to sit next to him during a Friday evening shabbat service.

– a letter and photograph from my little brother who is in the Air Force. 🙂

– the color baby-spring leaves turn when the evening sun sets behind them. I love how colorful the world is becoming. Green, green, green…

– choir practice and songs about Jonah in the belly of the whale. Jonah, Jonah, Jonah in the belly of a whale… Such a happy thing, trying to make gorgeous music with so many other people. Our group is a fun one, so I enjoy choir practice even if we’re going to have a rough last few weeks trying to perfect so many new songs before our concert.

– planning a vacation trip that involves sunshine and Texas and seeing my brother again for the first time in two months.

– laughing with friends, even when I’m zombified with lack of sleep.


– Sabbath at the end of another stressful work-week.

What things are making you happy in your corner of the world?