I’m co-babysitting the youngest kids with my sister today while my parents are gone to a yo-yo competition with the ‘middles.’ Still, I was able to sleep in a bit, at least in comparision to my usual hour to rise (that’d be 5:30 AM with the birds) and was bleary-eyed and up in time to say good-bye to all.

Kids are kids and my siblings are definitely kids. Not angels – there’s a reason they have to be babysat! So today finds me trying to get a mile-high to-do list done (ranging from errand runs and laundry), while playing the UN between countries at odds. I think I know a bit of how a mom of many younger kids feels on some days. There’s the two-year-old who thinks that saying, “Can I have juice?” about twenty times makes you move faster to fill her cup. And there’s the six year old who is disgusted by her brother’s bad breath and is determined to tell the world. And there’s the child who decided to try tap-dance routines, complete with ballet leaps around the living room. And then there’s the lack of privacy even when you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom.

Unnamed Child through the bathroom door: “Krista, Other Child hit me!”

Me: Unnamed Child, are you dying, maimed or bleeding?

Unnamed Child: No.

Me: Then can I please shower in peace?

Yes, I can be very unsympathetic, I know. 😛

Okay, I’m off to do about seven loads of laundry. The cherubs are currently napping or plopped on the couch with books, so I’m going to get things done before chaos ensues again!