One of the first things I did when I got contact lenses was to go out and buy my first pair of sunglasses. They’re black rimmed, large and make me look awesome, dude (my new nickname is K-Kat, btw – I think it goes with the shades). They even help me stop squinting in the sunlight and keep headaches at bay. I love my sunglasses.

The other perk with these sunglasses is the tint of pink in the lenses. There’s the slightest rosy color in the lenses that somehow renders the world just a little brighter when I wear them. Seriously, colors are just a little more vivid and crisp when I wear them. So much so that when I take photographs while wearing glasses, I’m almost always just a little disappointed that they don’t look quite as pretty when I look at them later without my rose-tinted glasses.

Sometimes it’s nice to have that sort of viewpoint on the world. A rosy viewpoint. It camaflagues flaws and dims the ugliness – it just plain out makes things more appealing. Maybe I should start wearing them at work these days. My outlook would be rosier and I’d look cooler. A win-win, don’t you think? 😉