“I love flying. I love boarding the plane and finding a seat. I love the first moment when you take off the ground and your stomach does that flip-flop of surprise at being airborne. I just love the whole experience of flying.”

And so I began composing a soliloquy on how I love to travel by plane a mere half hour into our flight.

“I love watching the clouds out the window and seeing the buildings as small as ants below. I’m not afraid of heights when I fly. And turbulence and motion sickness? I never seem to get it nearly as bad as car-sickness, so…”

That’s right about when the plane shifted with turbulence, the ‘fasten seat-belt’ sign came on and my stomach began a series of flip-flops that just would not end.
After six hours of traveling, after two flights (involving three take-offs and three landings), after one particular flight where my mom and I looked at each other and started fumbling for our puke bags just in case, I will be bluntly honest:

I don’t know if I like flying anymore.

And thank goodness for airport shops that carry Dramamine. Thank God for the person who invented the wonderful stuff. It made the world of difference in the last flight for both my mom and I. We’ll both definitely be taking more when we fly back home. In the meantime, I’m very much appreciate having both feet firmly on the ground here in sunny and warm San Antonio, Texas. It’s as if I’ve been transported from spring to summer in the matter of a day.