Did I like it?


I loved the music. Freddy Highmoore did a pretty decent job of faking musical skills, I thought, from playing the guitar to piano to conducting. How brilliant he was at picking up music, both playing instruments and composing, was totally unrealistic (how did he learn how to write eighth notes and all that right off the bat?!), but c’mon. It’s supposed to be a fairy tale.

I absolutely adore the entire track of Evan’s “August’s Rhapsody.” It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I always catch my breath while listening to it. It’s one of those songs that gives me an ache in my chest, just because of the beauty of it.

I love and can totally see finding and hearing music all around you and it pleased me even more that Evan could hear music all around him the city. I mean, you can think about hearing music out in the country – birds twittering, brooks trickling, breeze blowing, leaves rustling, etc… – but in the city, it’s pretty much tucked into the cacaphony catagory. But it’s music. The soundtrack to city life. I love the blending of dog barks to sirens in his rhapsody, lovely.

And the part where he’s first in the city and is standing by the arch, conducting the city noises and the music he can hear in his head? Loved it.

So. To sum up my scattered thoughts here: was it cheesy? You could say it was, but I liked it (other family members didn’t, oh well). Unrealistic, oh yeah, but this is supposed to be a musical fairy tale. And the music: the best part of all.

A few caveats: Evan’s parents have a one-night stand, which results in his birth. And yet, the two of them are supposedly still in love eleven years later, despite the fact that they never saw each other after that night. Quite unrealistic, but again, this a fairy tale from a little boy’s point of a view. And I’m willing to bet any child who has grown up in an orphanage would say that his fairy tale’s happily ever after would include a mother and father who love each other and their child.