I didn’t use the good sense that God gave me and wore sandals to work yesterday. After 12 hours in the office, with a significant portion of it involving frequent trips out to the copier on the other side of the building (ours is down AGAIN), let’s just say my knees aren’t very happy with me. Creaky, achy and just a little swollen. Didn’t I learn last summer with physical therapy that sneakers are my best friend? To top it off, I haven’t been consistent with my PT exercises and yes, that has definitely made it harder for the good old muscles to bounce back.

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson this time. Someone yell at me if I don’t. 😛 Stupid chrondromalacia of the patella…I’ve given up high heels for you, I don’t want to give up sandals completely! I promise, I will be good and do leg lifts and wall slides and wear sneakers more often than supportless sandals.

If I were in a very spiritually eloquent mood, I’d come up with a long post about how creaky ligaments and muscles can be examples of our spiritual health. But I’m not…somehow, I’m not the sort of person who finds spiritual lessons to be learned in all the little aspects of life. That just isn’t me. Sometimes an achy knee is an achy knee. And as always, stupidity (of wearing pretty sandals instead of sensible, clunky sneakers) doesn’t pay, especially for PT bills – which I do NOT want to go through again!

Besides, it’s a gorgeous day, not a day for sitting at the computer, trying to sound all spiritual and AMAZING. I think I’ll go rest my creaky knees and sit in the sun for a bit. Toodles. 🙂