By the end of the work day, I often don’t feel like writing at all. After staring at computer for the greater part of 10-12 hours, my brain is pretty much fried. I try to grasp any creative train of thought, but I’m lucky if I catch the caboose.

So, what do you do, when you want to write, but nothing comes? What do you do when you’re tired and are missing all the creative juices in your brain? I don’t have any perfect solutions, but I have my own ways of trying to work around it. Key word: trying. Sometimes nothing works, but hey, at least I tried.

– This blog. Yup. Having a blog is a huge incentive to write often (it’s also an incentive to read more really good books). I don’t always have something to share at the end of the day, but it does make me wonder throughout the day, “What should I write?” Just having the underlying question at the back of my mind makes me pick up ideas and look at the them, rather than just letting them fleet through my mind. I love it when something happens during the day and the first thing I think is: “I have got to blog about this.”

– Journaling. The difference between this and blogging? It’s pen on paper, which, for me = private. Just for me. Sometimes I don’t necessarily *feel* like journaling, especially if the day didn’t go so well. I don’t push myself to journal on those days; I’ll write something else, either here or a letter to a friend or just something. Still, I do find that having a good pen and an unlined journal is one incentive for me to journal regularly. I hate small lined journals and prefer to write freely; and there’s just something about a really good pen with fresh ink that makes you want to write. My current journal (see photo) is one of my favorites. A gorgeous hand-tooled leather cover and unlined fresh pages – looking at it just makes me want to write. It was, along with a beautiful ball-point pen, a gift from my boyfriend. I like his taste. 😉 Of course, an inscription from him just for me on the first page adds to the charm of writing in it.

– I also count writing letters, notes, emails and other bits of creative misc. towards the day’s quota of writing. As long as I write and work at it somehow, some way, it counts.

What do you do to encourage yourself to write on days when you don’t feel like it?