I’m not wearing my glasses or contact lenses this morning. Just altogether too lazy on a sabbath morning to get up and put them on. As a result, the view of the world outside the window across the room from my seat on the couch…well, let’s just say that the view is a bit fuzzy and blurred. But I can see the colors. The sun is shining, turning the leaves into a medley of greens: bright jades and yellowy-greens and dark, dark hues in the shadows. And did you see that sky today? Talk about blue! (Yay Kronk!)

It’s definitely summer.

Red polish on my toes. Someone mowing their lawn, delicious smells of cut grass (unfortunate that such a happy smell should be accompanied by such a sad thing as allergies). Birds waking up the world. Curtains swaying with the breeze. Coffee brewing in the kitchen. Sunlight on the honey-hued dining room floor.

Happiness. ❤