11. laughing late night conversations with my love

12. I-love-you and I-miss-you and I’ll-see-you-soon

13. a claddaugh ring with the heart facing in on my right hand

14. Michael Buble ❤

15. kicking off my sandals and going barefoot under my desk at work

16. chatting with my memere on Facebook

17. the lighter feeling that comes after a hair cut

18. knowing that prayer works

19. being able to fall asleep early because it isn’t hot!

20. music to brighten a dreadful work day

21. marking an 18 month anniversary on my calendar with hearts (I’m officially sentimental, so sue me)

22. splashing in the Atlantic, collecting seashells

23. fish bandaids

24. vanilla coke that tastes of summer

25. goofing off and laughing with friends and family

26. country music that makes me smile

27. singing while vacuuming

28. the smell, heat and sight of a bonfire

29. blowing bubbles with little kids

30. old photographs in albums

holy experience