It’s Sunday morning and I’m babysitting.

Babysitting, for me, is a strange sport. I babysit my siblings fairly often and as a result, the babysitting isn’t the usual sort that you’d expect. I don’t play games. I don’t make special snacks. I don’t sit on the couch and read books. I mostly play the UN between siblings who aren’t getting along, feed them if lunchtime rolls around and the parents haven’t returned, make sure the house doesn’t fall to pieces and do lots and lots of laundry. Today’s highlights? Getting interrupted in the shower because a seven year old mistook me for a bowl (seriously), having to explain yet again that football is not an acceptable game for in the house, lots of coffee, trying to explain to a seven year old why she is not allowed to go roller-blading in her sister’s two-sizes-larger-rollerblades and…well, let’s just say the seven year old can’t seem to find any of her own belongings today – the refrain is “Where’s my SHOES, where’s MY shoes, WHERE’S my shoes?!”

So. I’ve kicked them outside – the search for missing helmets and scooters and rollerblades has ensued – and was going to concentrate on other things, like laundry. I’ve got two baskets of laundry to fold, another two loads in the washer and dryer that are probably ready to be switched out and guess what?

I’m here. On the blog. Erm, yes…I am procrastinating. Sometimes I think that laundry – along with dusting and cleaning out the fridge – is the bane of my home-maker’s existence. Still, I just checked the laundry room and I have 9 minutes left between switching loads, after all, and I’m going to take those nine measly minutes and, well, blog.

Life is actually pretty exciting right now. For starters, summer has always been a magical favorite season – even if I do work in a place without a/c – and it has been a glorious summer so far, flaws and all. Fireworks and bonfires and fun times with family and friends. Barbecues and books to read and getting freckled and sunburnt at the beach. I wish I could bottle it all up and distill the scents, sounds and sights just for the dead of January when I’m most longing for warmer weather. Since that’s impossible, I just have to settle for warm-weather music like the Beach Boys and Until June and Michael Buble (although I have to admit that I find Michael Buble to be music for all seasons).

And then there’s Love. I try not to be overly gushy and sentimental about it all, but I’m afraid the let’s-be-quite-sensible-and-un-sentimental is mostly FAIL these days. So, it’s true; being in a relationship does make life more complicated and sometimes harder – I think the missing part is the hardest – but it is well, well worth it. We’ve been Us for over a year now and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a single minute of it – even the fish-bowlish moments with my family. It’s exciting to see where we’ve been and to wonder what is around the corner. That wondering, a form of a dreaming, is just as fun, too, if a little freaky-scary sometimes.

Well. I’m rambling again and it’s lunchtime by now, this post having been written in snippets, interrupted by laundry folding and a mad-house scramble to clean the house for guests. I have a stubborn two year old in my charge who doesn’t want to eat her lunch, so I’m going to sign off and concentrate on making sure she eats something.

Happy summer!