47. girls’ movie night! complete with pizza, chick flicks, chocolate, mani/pedis, a puzzle and lots of laughter
48. picking out and buying a tie for my guy for the first time
49. looking forward to The Music Man
50. neck rubs: giving and getting
51. pretzels and M&Ms together
52. birthday shopping!
53. the magnificence of a thunderstorm
54. the words “you’re beautiful” on i-feel-ugly days
55. ‘dreams, inconsistent angel things, horses bred with star-laced wings’ – Sixpence None the Richer
56. stolen moments in the middle of the work week
57. freshly brewed french vanilla coffee
58. Friday night Torah Study
59. raspberry iced tea
60. “we need to be more huggy!” – Dad.
61. Seventy-Six Trombones! and the Music Man
62. little Italy in Boston’s North End
63. Lewis Wharf *grin*
64. the beautiful diamond ring on my finger

And (most of all)

65. the man who asked me to marry him

holy experience