My fiance (squee!) and I took my ring to be resized last night. It’s going to be a two week wait for it’s return; thus it was that today found me at work without a ring on my left hand. I’m glumly waiting it out and am trying not to feel too strange without it on my finger.

Anyhow, I’m once again realizing how hilarious it can be to work at the biggest employer in a small(ish) town. This afternoon ended with my co-workers being the recipients of a flurry of phone calls and inquiries as to “WHY IS KRISTA NOT WEARING HER ENGAGEMENT RING? OH NOES, DID SOMETHING GO WRONG?!?!?”

Nobody would ask me directly, but thankfully, between my co-workers and I, we were able to squash any rumors of broken engagements (I think). But yeesh…talk about how fast rumors can start!

Boy, I can’t wait to have that ring back on my finger, LOL!