65. a snatch of lyrics: wanna make a ray of sunshine and never leave home
66. casual Friday at work: jeans, a red Air Force t-shirt and brown chucks on feet = ❤
67. the blessed relief of rain breaking a heat wave
68. counting down the days until my AF brother’s visit home (September!!!)
69. seeing the plans for our ‘house o’ dreams’ slowly begin to become a reality (milling has commenced!)
70. the way Jewels giggles and facepalms herself when she’s playing Memory and misses a match
71. the smell of coffee brewing
72. the joys of…well, almond joy!
73. a well-earned paycheck
74. provisions for work lunches on sale (hey, sometimes it’s the little things!)
75. time alone on a sabbath evening with my love
76. knowing goodbyes won’t be forever
77. being encouraged by a friend
78. discovering God’s promises anew, for He is faithful

holy experience