The last three weeks have felt as if they have quite literally flown by and it’s mostly due to a heavy workload. One of my co-workers managed to get a touch of pneumonia just after taking a week of vacation; we hadn’t even managed to tackle much of the piled up work when she called out sick for a week, per the doctor’s orders. The last two weeks have been just a little stressful as I’ve tried to tackle the piles of work on my own and tried to get things finished for month end. Thankfully, my co-worker is loads better and is back at work. While we still have a lot of work piled up, together, slowly but surely, we’re getting caught up. I feel as though I can breathe again and don’t feel quite so guilty leaving work at five o’clock after putting in ‘only’ a ten hour work day. I just wish the constant headaches/migraines would go away – it stinks to be in bed by 8 PM – I feel like a little kid being sent to bed early again! I’m definitely blaming the headaches on my workplace, as I have a feeling the key triggers are stress, tension and allergies. :-/

Still, it has felt really good to see the overtime pay going right into my ‘wedding/house’ fund. 😉 It’s slowly adding up! Speaking of weddings, however, I have to admit: I honestly haven’t had much time for any wedding planning over the last few weeks. This is probably a good thing; two years is a long time to plan a wedding and I’m sure I’ll be heartily sick of wedding plans when the big day rolls around. As it is, we probably won’t make any concrete decisions that involve money for awhile; I’m hoping to pay for most of the wedding and we won’t know for sure how much we can budget towards the wedding for some time.

Still, it is fun to gather up ideas! The general consensus amongst most of my friends seems to be that is the best place to start – and so, I’m on it now. 🙂 It’s been fun looking at wedding gowns and adding them to my list of favorites. I’ve also started brainstorming ceremony and reception sites; I used to work at hotel that did weddings all the time, but I still never realized until recently how much – planning, money, time and work – goes into a wedding. Is it really bad that we’re already joking about eloping?! 😉

Oh – and the tentative date is October 2012. An autumn wedding in New England. Perfect. 🙂