79. allergy meds that help me breathe

80. “all this beauty, might have to close your eyes, slowly open wide…watch the sun rise…” – the Weepies

 81. a stress-relieving squishy pineapple

82. sorting through old photographs and laughing at dad’s glasses

83. realizing that when your parents were your age, they had two kids already. WOW.

84. cell-phones and a fiancé to vent to after a rough day

85. scripture memorized for when I can’t fall asleep at night

86. opening to just the right prayer in my siddur

87. chocolate chip cookies, fresh and warm from the oven

88. Andrew Peterson’s music ❤

89. bed early on a headache day

90. the colors of the hills in the evening as you drive into town: all dusky, deep colors, far away blue, bordered by green against all against an evening sky

91. four windows for our house o’ dreams

92. a beautiful mild summer afternoon with my love

93. catching up on everything from the week and more with my fiance

94. running away on a Sunday

95. thinking about white dresses and a WEDDING

96. a weekend free of work stress

97. soft-serve ice cream cones
98. being told I’m spunky 🙂

holy experience