I love to read books on the subject of writing. They provide me with inspiration, encouragement and ideas so often when I’m running dry. And so it happens that there is one section – albeit it small – on my bookcase that contains my writing resources, my favorite few that I’ve collected over the years. The top two?

The Pen Commandments (Steve Franks) – engaging, hilarious and chock-full of sound writing concepts and great topic ideas. Franks wrote it for his high-school English class, but it’s a great resource for any age. It covers everything from essays to creative writing, suggesting that you use anything and everything to be creative in what you write. Have fun with thank-you notes and letters to the editor! Write reviews on restaurants and descriptive essays about your wonderful next-door-neighbor or your best friend! The skies are the limit with Franks and his enthusiasm is catching.

Walking on Water (Madeleine L’Engle) – more inspirational than how-to, this book is still the one I turn to the most when I’m weary and uninspired. L’Engle makes me want to write and brings back my hunger for creative writing, especially for children, but also for journaling and blogging. She’s the one I quote the most when it comes to writing for children and when it comes to Christian fiction. Huge, huge fan of L’Engle, period – her Crosswick journals are also excellent.

What are your favorite books on writing? Where do you usually turn for inspiration?