Sometimes, after a long day when my shoulders are aching with tension and my heart feels buffeted by the stress of the office, I’ll curl up in bed with an old, familiar friend of a book. A cup of comfort for my soul, these stories are often as familiar to me as my own story; the spines are a little cracked and the pages a little frayed on the edges from being read so many times.

Of course, this week, I have far too many new books stacked up and waiting to be read for me to pick up an old friend – today, after putting in a 10 hour work day that began with wishing I could take a mental health day, I’m trying to decide which of those many I should read first. Still, there’s something about re-reading a book that is so familiar, you know exactly how it ends and almost know each character as well as your family…

Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery

The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

Miss Match by Erynn Mangum

Do you have any comfort reads? What books to do you turn to when you need something soothing, familiar and comforting?