Warning: Spoilers for The Hunger Games ahead!

The victors of the Hunger Games have returned home and life can now return to normal, at least so Katniss wishes. Instead, life is anything but normal as the government hurries to squash any semblance of rebellion has been awakened by the victor’s stand in the arena. Little did Katniss and Peeta realize in that what they did in the arena has set the nation aflame with the fire of rebellion. Districts are on edge as uprisings begin. Katniss finally begins to realize that there is more at stake here than just her and the people that she loves, that she has more pressing concerns than deciding what her feelings for both the boy back home (Gale) and Peeta are. And just when she thinks that nothing can get worse, the next year’s Hunger Games arrive. The rules have a new and suddenly horrific twist for the 75th anniversary: this years players are chosen from the pool of victors from the past Hunger Games.

And so it is that she and Peeta must head back into the arena a second time. The girl who wore flames and dazzled the entire nation with her spunk in the face of death has set a’spark a series of events that can only end in one thing: uprising. The whole country is catching fire with it.

My thoughts: I enjoyed Catching Fire, almost as much as The Hunger Games. It was fast-paced and intriguing as Katniss finds herself forced into the path of uprising in spite of how much she tries to do the right thing and protect those she loves. She tries to take the path of least resistance to protect herself and her family in District 12, but in the end realizes that in a world like hers, there is no way to fully protect them – not with the government controlling them as it does.

And even though the Hunger Games portion of the book felt somewhat redundant, it had enough new twists and turns that it had me up late reading it until the end – whereupon, I sat there and said, “WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT?!”

It would take a year of waiting for me, but yay, the final installment Mockingjay finally arrived last week. I’ll post my thoughts on it soon. 🙂