119. sleep
120. orange juice
121. warm fuzzy socks
122. Juji-kisses
123. a stack of new books to read
124. music to soothe my weary soul
125. little girls’ birthdays
126. mist touching my face as I walk out of work
127. book discussions ❤
128. a sister who will be giddy with me over random things, like Mockingjay
129. a certain favorite fire-fighter…
130. the peace and quiet in the office when you work while everyone else is at lunch
131. co-workers that make me laugh and cheer me up on bad days
132. rose-tinted sunglasses reminding me to look at the sunny side
133. an early start to the weekend: Friday afternoon off from work!
134. my littlest sister who makes me snicker with her comments about ‘baby zombie!’ and her hilarious attempts to bake ‘cookies’
135. a lovely friend who live across the pond, but still finds ways to encourage me ❤
136. warm and chewy peanut-butter cookies, fresh from the oven
137. the silhouettes of night-hawks against the evening sky
138. laughing with my best friend, my fiancé

holy experience