After suffering through mid-ninety degree temps at work all this past week, it’s a shock to wake up this morning and find myself reaching for my jeans and a hoodie to throw over my t-shirt. My toes, who hate to be stuck in shoes and socks, are already shoved into my chucks to help survive the first fall chill.

It’s breezy and the blue skies are making me think: autumn colors and apples fresh from the tree and the rustle of leaves under my feet. And I find myself wanting to twirl with joy this morning. I hadn’t thought of that sort of picture in a long time. JOY so full and so free, all I can think is of the delicious thrill you get when you twirl, the world turning and dancing with you until you have to stop or you’ll puke. 😉

(Yes, I know, I just ruined that pretty picture with the thought of puking. Motion sickness does that to me, though)

Today’s agenda: pasta salad to make, the house to tidy, laundry to wash, dry and fold, apples to possibly pick and a BBQ to attend at the lake with the family. And we still have all of tomorrow free, no long work hours, no thinking about the stresses of the office. BLISS.

And happier, in just a few days, less than a week, my brother is coming home.

Mia: *on the phone with Andrew last night* I can’t wait until Nate’s birthday! Why? Because you’re coming home the day after that! I miss you! I MISS YOU A LOT!

It’s going to be a good week.