– three year olds are smarter than you give them credit for. Jewels: I’m going to walk with my hands in my pockets. *pause* I don’t do this very well.
– dark purple nail polish is loads of fun, but hard to remove.
– cowboy boots are awesome.
– I go through withdrawals and get all cranky if I go too long without time with my fiance. 😦 So yeah, it’s been a week, but the disconnect of not talking enough on the phone, etc…, coupled with wanting to see him in person…yeah. I’ve got withdrawals.
– I don’t deal with confrontations and arguments well. I get all tense and feel the need to flee, even if the arguments or confrontations don’t involve me.
– I still cry over 9/11 easily.
– there’s nothing like having all 11 of us kids in one place all at once. ❤
– podcasters make me laugh.
– I most definitely am an introvert (peace and quiet, peace and quiet!).
– there is really very little that I know about God and the more I learn about Him, the more I realize how little I know.