I’ve been taking a jaunt around the blogsphere again.

And lordy, have I got a bad case of writer envies. You know, the little green beasties that take over your brain and think, “Oh, if only I could write like that!” or “If I had an interesting life, maybe my blog stats would be a little higher.” Never mind I do have an interesting life, I just lack the creative juices and brain cells these days to catapult said interesting events from life to this keyboard and computer screen. And never mind I can’t write like anyone else merely because I’m not anyone else, I’m, well, me (and by that thread of logic, nobody else is me and therefore nobody else can write quite as badly as me…somehow that does not cheer someone with writers’ block up at all).

I could be funny! Witty, even. Or I could be inspirational and make people cry. Or I could be no-nonsense and tell people how to run their lives. Post recipes and become a gourmet. Be introspective and make myself sound ultra-spiritual, finding lessons in my cereal bowl to share with the world each morning. Or I could be an intellectual and dissect the latest novels, finding symbolism and hidden threads in Twilight or Harry Potter.

Or – I could be me. Why is it so difficult to just like being me and find it easy to write, as me? Simple me, simple blog – so simple. If only it were so simple to find words to write me every day. If only it were so simple to find my voice like that and keep the blogger’s laryngitis away perpetually!

So, here I am today, rambling aimlessly, wondering why I’m here in the blogsphere. The only reason I can come up with today is stolen from the Jewels. As only a three-year-old can say, “CUZ.” I’m here because. Because, because…because I must write, albeit sometimes sporadically, and this blog is an outlet. An outlet for bookish musings and an outlet for any other random things.

I’m writing, just because. That’s okay for today. I’m writing because and while I write, just because, I hope I just might find my voice, my style, my writing personality at the same time.

(Nevertheless, I’ve got bloggers’ envy in spite of pep talks. Oh well!)