My fiancé and his fire dept. scanner. I’ve finally started to get used to the fact that if I’m talking and his scanner crackles, he won’t hear what I’m saying because he’s concentrating on listening to what dispatch is saying – even if it isn’t even his department. (My guy listens to not only his department’s frequency, but also tunes his scanner to pick up the local PD and at least three other neighboring towns’ fire departments as well. Is it just my guy, or do other fire/EMT wives/girlfriends notice this attribute in their guys?) He also gets very distracted by the sound of sirens; it’s almost as if I can see his mind scrambling to figure out what the sirens are (police? ambulance? fire engine?) and where they’re going.

And even better, I find myself doing the same exact thing these days: police? ambulance? fire engine? Because I don’t easily tune out sirens these days, whether I’m in my home-town or his. For some reason, the police and ambulance service has been awfully busy in my town lately; just about every day this week, I’ve heard sirens. And just the other day, I found myself cocking my ear to my co-workers’ amusement. “What is it, Krista?” they asked, laughingly. “Police or ambulance?”

“Fire engine,” I guessed.

And you know what? I was right. 😉

That’s a cue for my sister to roll her eyes and comment: “First he gets her hooked on country music and now she’s obsessed with sirens!” Not quite obsessed, just interested. Hey, I can’t help that fire engines and ambulances remind me of my favorite fire-fighter/EMT!

(Photo taken in Boston over a year ago on a day trip with my then-boyfriend now-fiance…yup, can’t help noticing fire engines wherever I go!)