The alarm on my cell-phone buzzes at 5:30 AM this morning, as usual. Half-asleep, I reach to turn it off before it wakes up anyone else and find myself diving back under the covers to warm up again. It. Is. Cold. Coffee is not an option this morning. It is a necessity! And so I pour a freshly brewed pot into my travel mug and wish the warmth would travel down my throat and into my toes, which are still frozen in spite of warm striped socks and boots. Brrr…

The hills around this small valley have disappeared in a misty fog this morning and I can see my breath in the air. Once the sun burns off the mist, I know the hills will be green, dotted with the first few colorful trees. For now, however, the sun is just waking up and the world is grey and quiet. The thermometer in my car reads 37 degrees. I drive to work, shivering and saying good-morning to my love on the phone, then shiver some more as I run from the parking lot to the office.

It. Is. Cold!

Do you think fall is just about here?!

Mid-morning still finds me bundled up in my hoodie at work. I don’t care if it’s too casual for the dress-code; if they insist on waiting until October to turn on the heat in the office, well, the hoodie stays on. One of the maintenance guys stops by the department for petty cash and proceeds to try to make us ladies laugh, as usual. His Puerto Rican accent makes me smile to begin with and when he tells us that he carries the power tools around just to look manly and important, I have to laugh.

And then he notices it – “Oh, the young lady is engaged!” – the first person to notice it without me bringing it to their attention. The usual questions come rapid-fire next: “When’s the big day?” “Who’s the lucky guy?” and so on. And a new one.

“What kind of dance music do you like?”

I look at him blankly for a moment. “Um, a wide variety…”

From there, he proceeds to try to convince me to hire a great local band that he knows that specializes in salsa and samba music…with him as a lead singer. He pantomimes a microphone and gives me an example of his talents, a deliberately shrill high note that would make us grit our teeth if we weren’t laughing so hard.

Maybe I’ll hire him on as a comedian instead of a singer. 😉 So now I’ve had several people offer to be my wedding planners (!!!) and now, a band and singer. I wonder what will be next!