139. girls’ movie night: popcorn, chocolate, coffee, nail polish and…Ironman (yes, we are so cool!)
140. laughing with my three future bridesmaids over silly wedding plans
141. purple nail polish, perfect for fall
142. five brothers and six sisters, all together in one room for the first time in 6 months
143. my Air Force brother is HOME
144. fuzzy socks for early fall weather
145. apples fresh from the orchard
146. grey and blue hills above the valley
147. hints of colors appearing on the side of the highway
148. weddingness (grin)
149. a middle-of-the-week visit from my favorite fire-fighter, just to make the rest of the week bearable
150. feta cheese and spinach pizza for lunch with my fellow co-workers-who-work-thru-lunch-instead-of-taking-it ❤
151. getting to play in the kitchen and cook dinner for my fiancé and family
152. Michael Buble music to cook to
153. snuggling on the couch and watching NCIS
154. catching up with my love
155. going through the liturgy at synagogue and feeling as though it’s coming home
156. chocolate chip cookies
157. big brothers and littlest sister moments ❤

holy experience