The world is dark and, aside from the pouring rain, all is quiet when I wake up this morning. My alarm hasn’t gone off yet, so it must be early. I look at my cell phone to check the time. It isn’t working. I roll out of bed panicking, certain I’m running late. I get downstairs and realize that we lost power sometime over night and the clock on the stove isn’t working. What time is it?! I see my dad’s cell phone sitting on the counter; I grab it and check the time. SEVEN THIRTY AM?!

No. Way.

I’m late already, but if I hurry maybe I can make it into work for 8 AM, only an hour later than normal. There’s no way I’m going to have time for breakfast today; I’m lucky if I’ll have time to throw together lunch. My mom has just gotten up and noticing that I’m nearly in hysterics, offers to iron my work pants. Blessing her for this, I jump in the shower.

I’m just shampooing my hair when…

…the alarm clock goes off and I wake up. Wait. It’s 5:30 AM? Not 7:30?

Darn those recurring “I’m-late-for-work-again” dreams.

And that was the auspicious beginning to my Monday. Thankfully, it didn’t set a pattern for the day and I was able to count my blessings again this week…

158. lots of time with family and friends
159. hugs goodbye (…little brother left for his base assignment last week…)
160. but the knowledge that he’ll be back soon…for his own wedding!
161. my man who makes me feel loved and cherished when I’m not feeling well
162. knowing God is faithful even when it hurts
163. fond memories of a wonderful friend
164. getting my ear pierced (eep!)
165. shopping trips with my little sister
166. Dunkin’ Donuts mocha iced lattes ❤
167. music from GLEE to rock to during car drives
168. bright orange pumpkins
169. a walk through the woods to the sawmill
170. surprising my fiancé with a hug and a kiss mid-afternoon on a Sunday
171. a productive meeting at work
172. a letter from a dear friend across the pond
173. singing my heart out during choir rehearsal (Vivaldi’s Gloria BLISS!)
174. Mickey Mouse pancakes that are eaten ASAP and make their creator attain hero-status in the eyes of the littlests
175. crayons and bunny pictures to color with the adorable Jewels
176. delicious, fat books to read, fresh from the library
177. wonderful parents who just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary

What blessings are you counting today?

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