The last week has been a bit of a blur. Work stays true to the new norm: crazy busy with ongoing system problems. Slowly, but surely, however, we seem to be overcoming the problems. The Pollyanna in me says, “Oh! The light at the end of the tunnel!” and the pessimist in me says, “Ha, when you see that it generally means that you’re dead, so why are we rejoicing again?”

I’m trying to cheer the Pollyanna on because it takes way too much mental energy to live with pessimistic side of me.

Anyhow. Aside from work my life has consisted of: headaches and wedding planning. Whether the former is the result of the latter, I’m not sure! On Thursday, my mom and I went to a local shop to look at dresses, just to get an idea of what styles flatter me and what I like best. The numbers on their price tags were unfortunately a little out of my range. As beautiful as they were, I held out hope for the perfect dress that would be within my budget – because this wedding definitely has a budget!

And then on Sunday, we drove over an hour to David’s Bridal for an appointment. This time, my mom and I dragged my sister and maid-of-honor along as well; our intention was to also look at bridesmaid dresses and I don’t think she liked my threat to pick the ugliest dress there for her if she refused to come along. 😉 And for over an hour, I tried on wedding gown after wedding gown.

By the time we’d gotten through ten or so dresses, I’d narrowed it down to about three. And then there was one left, one dress that wasn’t even in the style that I’d pictured in my head. Still, it was pretty, so why not try it on? After all, I don’t think I’m going to get the chance to do this again! It’s not like a girl gets married every day, you know? 😉

I slipped into it and the sales girl fastened it up in the back. A perfect fit. And then I saw it in the mirror.

it. was. gorgeous.

I tried an earlier favorite on again, but I think we all knew that I’d choose that last dress. I tried it on once more, this time with a veil, and that was it. That was the dress.

(And within my budget, too!)

As I laughingly told my man when he came over last night, one thing down, a million more to go. 😉 So much to think about, decide on and get done. Still, I’m excited and tremendously happy. I’m a bride-to-be and will one day, maybe not too far from now, be married to the man that I love. That alone has me smiling in spite of the massive headaches I’ve had lately.

But – I am absolutely tickled pink that I’ve found the dress.