Since both my younger brother and I are getting married within the next couple years, wedding plans are abounding at our house at the moment. Talk of reception sites and wedding colors and wedding gowns…ah yes, you can almost hear the wedding bells already.

And along with the discussions about menus and bridesmaids dresses, there have been moments of tension. Monday night my dad and I managed to have a misunderstanding about something related to the fact that my fiancé and I have yet to choose a date. Words were exchanged and we both retreated to our laptops and shared a frustrated silence.

My mom, who had been watching from the sidelines, spoke up in the silence. “Honey, feel like running out and getting some hotdog buns from the grocery store?”

And with that reference to Steve Martin’s hilarious meltdown in the movie Father of the Bride, the ice cracked and everyone in the room couldn’t help but laugh, especially me and my dad. Okay. Point taken – it wasn’t anything worth getting snippy about, so we let it go and laughed.

So my advice for wedding planning?

Keep calm and carry on, but always, always maintain a sense of humor and never forget to laugh.