Is it weird that it makes me smile to see that Prince William is set to marry his fiancée the same year as my fiancé and I plan to marry? 2011 will be a big year for weddings, I guess, at least with people I know (or know of)! It’s definitely big in our family, between my brother and his Caitlin getting married in February and me and Ty getting married (hopefully!) in May. So many plans being made! I have to admit that it’s nice to watch Andrew and Caitlin planning their wedding ahead of me and Ty; we get to learn from what they’re doing! 🙂

Since we’ve moved up the date just a little (understatement of the year!), the last few weeks have been full of researching and planning a wedding. We’ve got six months to pull it off and I know it can be done, but it IS going to be tight for a few things. And so I’ve been making lists, lists, lists and have set goals for each week as we enter it.

Accomplished so far this week:
– wedding gown picked up
– my shoes chosen and purchased
– numerous ceremony and reception sites researched and contacted
– contacted catering company
– contacted the pastor regarding the wedding and premarital counseling
– bridesmaids’ dresses chosen and ordered

We have a million and one other things ongoing that I won’t be able to check off my list for awhile. Slowly, but surely, though, we’re getting there. We hope to have details regarding the official date (we have one in mind, but need to make sure it’s definitely doable) and the ceremony and reception sites ironed out by the end of the month. And from there, plans for other things will begin to fall into place. 🙂 So exciting, yet overwhelming at the same time. Thankfully, my family, for the most part, has been incredibly helpful as has Ty’s family as well. I’m learning lots of things, though, so that’s great.

1) Assertiveness is a quality necessary to wedding planning. I’m learning to stick to the things that *I* want and not let people bully me into going with their wants, which is an adjustment for introverted people-pleasing me. 😉
2) Meltdowns will occur, especially after a long stressful work week, combined with late nights and less sleep and a barrage of wedding advice and suggestions. A good cry and a talk on the phone with my favorite fire fighter, followed by prayers and a good night’s rest will help remedy the emotional tailspin.
3) Its good to find the most hysterical side of all situations and just laugh; it relieves tension and doesn’t smear your mascara like crying does.
4) Wedding pixies can take over your brain very easily, so recharge now and then with something non-wedding related. Like Ramona & Beezus, the movie. Or a good book that doesn’t mention a single wedding. On the other hand, don’t get so overwhelmed that all you do is procrastinate on what you’ve got on your to-do list by watching reruns of the Gilmore Girls until its too late and time to go to bed.
5) Ivory and pure white don’t mix too well, making some things just a little more complicated. Since my dress is ivory, it won’t do to have anyone in the wedding party wear pure white because it will make my dress look drab and yellowed. There goes the flower girl dress we already had!
6) It’s important to learn how to delegate. Thankfully, my family has been a huge help with little things and my guy is good about jumping in and helping with plans. He’s in charge of making catering phone calls and getting things set up with the pastor. Two big things that I don’t have to handle or worry about, so that’s marvelous in my book.
7) It’s also important to enjoy the now, rather than stretching your hand for the next because of stress, because of desires, because of whatever. And so, I’m trying to learn to cherish each day that we have left as an engaged couple. At the same time, I do look forward to the day when I become the wife of the man I love more than anything. I can’t help but smile when I think of being married to him. ❤ It will be amazing.