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The other night, for the first time in my life, I walked into a package store and bought a bottle of wine. Due to my inexperience in such things, it’s probably a very crappy bottle of wine, but DUDES. I bought a bottle of wine. (White zinfandel) I wonder who saw me walk in or out of that store (because in a small town it’s a question of how many people that know me saw me do that rather than maybe someone I know saw me do that). I feel like a little kid using a cup without a sippy lid for the first time: Look at me, I’m all growed up! 😉 I bought a bottle of wine. Okay, so it took 25 years for me to get to that point, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. And it’s not like it’s my first time to have a glass of wine. Just my first time to have a glass of a wine I purchased myself. 😉

In other news, my younger brother stole my scarf and was wearing it all yesterday evening. I’d wondered where it’d gone. Apparently it had gotten mixed in with the kids’ mittens and gloves down in the basement, Jon rescued and repossessed it, thinking it was Matt’s. Okay, so my winter scarf is masculine-looking, but seriously, it DID come from the women’s apparel section at Kohls! 😛 (Yes, he did return said scarf)

Less than 160 days until the wedding! I have to admit that we’re staying right on track of things, just as we’d hoped. Tyson and I only began talking about getting married sooner back at the end of October and it was just about November 1 when we decided to shoot for a May 2011 wedding. Our goal was to have the date officially decided on and the reception site, ceremony site, caterer and pastor booked by the end of November. As of right now, we are right on schedule. We still haven’t booked the caterer, but we have tentatively chosen one. Hopefully we can get that ironed out in the next two weeks or so. Next up: a photographer and florist! I definitely want to have an idea of a photographer, if not have him or her booked, within three weeks. Hopefully we can find one within our price range that does good work (my budget is $1,500 for photography total).

This past weekend, I finally got to see the movie Ramona and Beezus. Oh my childhood Beverly Clearly loving heart. It was so cute and amazingly enough held so true to the spirit of the books. She’s so mischievous, but with good intentions. Wildly imaginative and hyper. Precocious and so typically the middle child. There were so many parts where I found myself looking at my sister and going, “Oh my gosh, I remember this from the books!” It was like rediscovering a place from your childhood and realizing, to your delight, that it’s just as marvelous as you remembered it being. So, I watched the movie, laughing and yes, nearly tearing up at moments, and now I absolutely must get my hands on the books and read them all over again. ❤