Last night, I dreamed that I was devastatingly late for choir practice. I describe being late to choir as ‘devastating’ because, well, in my dream it was devastating. You know those dreams where you’re always running, but not moving at all? That was me in my dream last night. Trying to get to choir rehearsal, but not getting anywhere near my destination; struggling to get things together, but watching the time slip away faster than I could move. And then finally I woke up, my heart racing and adrenaline pumping through my veins, certain that I was late for something, even if it wasn’t choir practice. Thankfully, it was about 2 AM in the morning and sleep came back very quickly after about ten minutes of reassuring myself that my bad dream wasn’t real. And further thankfully, I was NOT late tonight in real life for choir practice. 😉

Bah, am I the only one who has such vivid dreams that leave you scrambling to un-sort dream from reality? At least once a week, I dream that I’m late for work or that I’m lost or that something terribly tragic has happened to someone I love. It takes me at least ten minutes usually to sort myself out again and sometimes it can even take me days to shake the feeling that the events in my dreams aren’t real. Since 75% of my dreams are not happy ones, I’m so glad that they aren’t true…I just wish they weren’t quite so vivid and realistic for my sleeping self.

Heh, I fully expect the wedding drama dreams to start any day now. So surprised that they haven’t started in full force yet!