I really didn’t want to tackle any wedding related tasks this week. I just wanted to forget about having to make decisions and plans on things. Still, the fact that we have only five months to get everything done keeps poking me, no matter how hard I try to ignore it. As a result, I did get a few things done. Actually, we’ve done pretty good over the last seven days, overall:

Saturday night, after sunset, Tyson and I ran a few errands for his family’s business, but managed to squeeze some fun into the evening PLUS accomplish a few wedding tasks. We looked and chose the invitations (yay!), plus we walked all over Bed, Bath & Beyond to get registry ideas. While we were out, we also fit a bit of non-wedding related shopping and stopped to grab a bite to eat. Overall, a really lovely evening out – any time together these days is marvelous in my book!

Also, over the last week I’ve done a bit of emailing and a little research into other wedding things. I emailed the pastor and music director of a local church for more details regarding the ceremony, etc., plus I emailed a couple local photographers requesting information on their wedding photography packages. Last night, I did a bit of birthday shopping, but managed to squeeze in a little wedding-related shopping as well.

My jewelry arrived in the mail this week. I’m still waiting for my shoes to come in so I can pick them up, but after that, all I have left to do for my wedding wardrobe is get the dress hemmed and find a veil. I tried my dress on again this past Shabbat and got a big thumbs up from my dad. 🙂 It was the first time he’d seen it on me. We also discovered that the flower girl dress is NOT pure white like we’d originally thought – it’s actually ivory! It matches my dress so nicely and fits my seven year old sister perfectly. Another thing checked off my list. I love being able to do that! 😉

I’ve been working on the guest list as well. That’s a little trickier because I’m paranoid that my scatterbrained tendencies are going to result in me forgetting someone who should be on the list. Oh well – we’ll figure it out! 🙂

So, overall, I can’t say that we’ve really slacked off on the planning. On the contrary! I just don’t feel the most productive; I sometimes have a tendency to procrastinate (especially on things that are out of my comfort zone – like calling photographers and trying to pick one!), so I’m doing my best to make sure that I don’t procrastinate too much. Five months are going to fly by and I have to stay on top of things.

Goals for December:

– Find and book the photographer
– Find and book the florist
– Write up and submit engagement announcement to the local paper
– Order engagement photos
– Print invitations
– Pick up bridesmaid dresses
– Get dress hemmed
– Get the veil
– Work on registries
– Finalize guest list
– Work on ideas for reception décor, centerpieces and guest favors