Before we (finally) settled on an earlier date for the wedding, my fiance and I were looking at our engagement lasting for over two years. There were several factors involved, including that all-important one: finances. Happily, we were able to come up with a solution that won’t leave us quite broke and enabled us to start planning a spring 2011 wedding instead of a fall 2012 wedding as we originally thought. It’s wonderful how God works things out.

But before we moved up the date, I have to admit that I really struggled with the idea of waiting two more years. After going to visit him at his house, I’d get in my car to drive home and find myself crying half the time – just because the idea of spending two more years of driving back and forth, two more years of being separated when we’d rather be together, two more years of waiting…it looked daunting and hurt to think about.

So, we tried not to think about it too much. I had to pretend that I was okay with it all, even when people exclaimed over how long two years is. I had to fight to not reply sarcastically, “Yes, two years means: 24 months or 104 weeks or 731 days or 17,544 hours or 1,052,640 minutes, but who’s counting?!” or not let it hurt more when a co-worker told me that I needed to get married soon or else my guy would get tired of me.

And I tried not to let Tyson see how much I was struggling with it and he did the same with me. I think he succeeded more than I did. Sometimes I found myself wondering what was wrong me that I found it so hard, while he didn’t seem to struggle as much. Little did I know that he just wasn’t let me see how hard it was for him, too.

It wasn’t until we started seriously discussing whether or not we could move the date up that I realized how excited both of us were about the idea. I knew I would definitely be ecstatic at moving the date up more than a year, but I figured Tyson, being a guy (a guy who’d never really thought much about marrying anyone until he was in his mid-twenties), would be a little more laidback about it all. Me? Yeah, I’d start bouncing off the walls with giddiness, but my staid, sensible fiancé? Somehow I had my doubts.

And so it was that his utter joy and excitement over getting married sooner surprised me just a bit – but made me all the more happy and excited. We both can’t wait for the five months to fly by and for our wedding day to arrive, we can’t wait to be husband and wife, for me to take on his last name and for us to be, finally, completely and utterly, one. We’re both counting down the days (143 days or less than 21 weeks or 3,432 hours or 207,216 minutes, whichever way you’re counting) and are, finally, letting ourselves dream and hope and plan with abandon.

I love being engaged to this handsome fire-fighter. And just as I loved being his girlfriend, I love being his fiancée even more and even more still, I think it will be even more amazing to be his wife. ❤ Its like that country song, It doesn’t get better than this – but it did.

If past experience is true, it does.